Warning regarding possible misleading advertising

Some of our customers have told us they are receiving letters and emails from fraudulent nature, which are required to pay fees related to trademarks and designs services; for example the publication, registration or inclusion in business directories. Sometimes in these writings the name of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the International Bureau, getting itself to play letterheads, stamps and forged signatures of those offices is fraudulently used.

Since both offices have been warned that this type of fraudulent writings have no legal validity. Companies that send them have nothing to do with those offices, nor is there any relationship with any of its official publications.

In other cases, these companies allegedly related to Industrial Property which, using the information obtained from official publications, send letters of deceptive payment to applicants, indicating a checking account in which it is intended that the entry is made. Often these businesses possess a simulated website in order to give the impression of seriousness. As in the previous case, it is recalled that these letters are not related to any official procedure.

Customers who receive such documents should always consult and not make any payment until you have verified that comes from an official source.